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At Certified Plumbing we offer outstanding water heater service whether you are considering a conventional water heater with a 30 to 80 gallon tank or an On Demand Tankless Water Heater. In recent years, more and more people have been considering the tankless models based on Google Internet Search histories.water heater services

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Going Green and Protecting the Environment

If you have come to this page you may know little or nothing about tankless water heaters, but you may have heard that they are eco-friendly, and can help protect the environment. The available evidence suggests that this is true, and because they are more efficient they are probably less costly in the long run for both your pocketbook as well as the enviornment. That is especially good news considering most plans to protect the enviornment wind us costing us a lot more.

This is because water heaters are ranked very high on the household energy consumption list. With conventional water heaters the water is kept at a high temperature inside a storage tank and held there for your use when you need it to shower, and wash dishes or clothes. If you are on vacation you probably don’t even think about the fact your conventional hot water heater is absorbing a lot of energy.

The Good News for On Demand Tankless Water Heaters

Hot water that never runs out (mostly). With a tankless water heater, cold water runs into a unit and a heating element (electric) or gas burner heats the water as fast as it is needed. The heating rate is likely to be 2 to 5 gallons a minute. Gas appliances tend to be more efficient (supply hot water at a faster rate) than electric models.

Tankless water heaters can save your family utilities since they are 24%-34% more efficient. They can also be used as a water heater booster for items that are long way from their heating source, such as pool showers, hot tubs, or remote bathrooms.

The Not So Good News for On Demand Tankless Water Heaters

If your family is fairly large, and you have people showering while someone else is washing clothes the tankless water heater may not be able to supply hot water at a fast enough rate. This can be overcome by installing more than one tankless water heater, but that could require additional expenses for gas lines and venting outlets.

Tankless Water Heater Recap
We believe that the evidence shows there are many good reasons to consider a new tankless water heating system. They are environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient and you can save considerably on your utility bill. Before you make any decisions, please contact our experts to discuss your choices since every situation tends to be different.

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