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Wondering if the pipes in your old home are in good condition? If you are constantly making repairs to small leaks in your piping system, then chances are they are not doing their best. But no need to worry – there’s a pretty easy solution. You can choose to repipe your entire home.

It may sound like a costly and extensive process, but it’s actually a great option. Repiping is the total replacement of the plumbing pipes within your home or business. Having our plumbing experts perform this repiping will save you money in the long run because you won’t be dishing out loads of money in constant repairs.Signs You Need to Replace Your Pipes
pipe inspection

Pipe materials are made to last a long time, but not forever. Poor maintenance accelerates pipe deterioration, which can lead to:

Water discoloration

Frequent leaks

Reduced water pressure

Visible signs of corrosion on exposed pipes

Even if you aren’t experiencing these exact problems, there might be some other factors to consider. If your home was built in the early 1900s, there’s a chance you have lead pipes that need to be replaced immediately because of the possibility of lead poisoning. Homes built between 1970 and 1990 might have pipes made of Polybutylene, which has been proven unreliable and prone to breaking. Both of these pipe materials need to be completely removed and replaced with approved, safe piping. Repipe Solutions

If you planning on remodeling your home, or if you have seriously deteriorated pipes, a total replacement is probably your best option. A total repipe does involve breaking through walls and flooring, but in the end you will have a peace of mind that your pipes are at 100% efficiency. You will also walk away with an increased home value which will benefit you if and when you decide to sell your house. This is an especially appealing choice if you live in an older home.

Another option is a partial replacement of just the exposed pipes in your basement and other areas. This will save you some money, while also ensuring any potentially problematic pipes are taken care of. If you have pipes that are behind walls or under floors that are not in acceptable condition, you’ll have to have an entire replacement, but a camera inspection by Plumbing will determine that.

The last available option is PEX piping. PEX is a flexible pipe that can be snaked into the existing pipes. This allows the pipes within your walls to be repaired without extensive destruction. Ask Chambliss Plumbing for more information.

No matter what method you choose, our team can handle it! Call The Plumbers at our Plumbing Company to set up your repiping today! Call