Drain Cleaning

As a homeowner, if you have congested drains this could not just be a nuisance, it could be very damaging to your residence. Clogged drains usually lead to the following issues:

• Overflowing water leading to water damage at your house.
• Unsanitary clutter that can be not easy to clean.

The most typical approach that plumbers use to completely clean your drains is to use an electric drain cleaner or a “snake.” Despite contemporary developments in methods, the process used for cleaning drains functions in a similar trend it has within the past 70 years. Electric drain cleaning equipment function by rotating blades down a pipe, cutting through any particles captured in your lines.Plumbing repairs - drain cleaning

Our company has been cleaning drains ever since 1985 and has more experience working with your drains than any other plumbing company. What causes us to be different is our modern technology. We have cameras that we are able to deliver down your drains to completely view the clog before we begin clearing it out. This means we can repair ANY drain in your home.

We will clean your drains with the same quality of experience that residents have expected from us within the past 25+ years. If you give us a call and clarify your condition with us we will have a suitable solution for you. With our years of experience in this business, we’ve got the expertise and experience to correct any kind of drain and sewer problem that you may have and keep your pipes flowing properly.

These are the most typical forms of drain problem we face when handling household issues:

• Kitchen drains– Soap, fats, and greases can develop on the inner walls of your pipes and prohibit the movement of water at your house from moving freely. Restricted water flow makes it easier for dirt to get caught on the walls even more and soon you wind up with a clogged drain. This is where we come in. We will dispatch a plumber out to your house with specific equipment that will cut through all the debris caught in the pipe and unclog that drain for you.

• Shower and tub drains– The main reason that these drains clog up is caused by soap and hair accumulation from constant usage. Each day, you have soap and hair going down the drain and before too long these two can clog up on the sides of your pipes and lead to a clogged drain. We will send a technician to your home when you have this problem and use our shower/tub drain cleaning machine to eliminate your drain and make it like new. No more need to have a shower in an unsanitary mess any further.

• Bathroom sinks– These clog up in a similar fashion to shower/tubs. The main cause is toothpaste, hair, soap, and grime.

Although the forms of drains stated earlier are the most typical kinds to get clogged we could unclog ANY drain! This involves toilet drains, floor drains(common in basements, laundry rooms, and garages), and downspout drains attached to rain gutters.

Call our Plumber San Antonio today for your drain clog and we are going to dispatch technicians out there without delay!