We Fix All Common Drain and Pipe Issues

A leaking drain or pipeline can cause extensive damage and frustration. While there are many remedies at the local home improvement store for these issues, many of them may only hide the problem. It may rear its ugly head in worse form later.plumbing services

Our plumbing technicians at our Leak Detection are knowledgeable in sewer and pipeline issues and are proud to serve the San Antonio community. Our staff is armed with advanced technology to inspect your drains and pipes to find the exact cause of the problem. With these tools, we can determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to solve the issue.

Common Drain and Pipe Issues

Drains and pipes can clog for various reasons. A clog in your drain or pipe can result in back-ups, leaks, and foul odors. Leaks can cause damage to your home and other areas of your property. Some signs to watch out for include:

Backed-up sewer line and pipes: You may notice that water is simply not going down the drain. This may be due to a crushed pipe or blockage caused by roots, debris, or grease accumulation.
Foul smells: Your drain trap may be damaged and completely dry. Normally filled with water, the drain trap keeps sewer smells from returning to your home. Damaged or improperly installed vent pipes may also cause this.
Overgrown patch of grass: You may notice that a certain area of your grass grows faster than the rest. This is a sign that there is a leak in your pipe system. Water and other waste may be leaking into your yard, resulting in increased grass growth.
As you can see, there are many reasons why your drains may be leaking. While some issues can be solved with a drain snake, other issues may require the replacement of pipes or other parts. Spare yourself the heartache and expense – San Antonio is home to a professional plumbing team that can efficiently and completely solve all of your drain and sewer issues.

Drain Cleaning Services

Our leak specialists offer the best technology in drain cleaning and drain rooter service. San Antonio residents can be confident that whatever issues that they have with their drains and sewer can be solved by our team of professionals.

Leak Detection technicians use cameras to go into your pipes to determine the exact cause and location of the problem. By doing this, we can ensure that we understand exactly what is causing the problem and can offer proper drain rooter service at the lowest cost. Our cameras tell us exactly what we need to do to solve the issue. We can then tell you right away whether you need a pipe replaced or simply unclogged with a plumbing snake.Plumbing repairts

We use the best tools for drain cleaning and drain rooter service. While you can buy a drain snake or plumbing snake at a local home store, this type of drain snake is simply not as durable or powerful as the ones that we use. Additionally, you may end up purchasing a plumbing snake that is too short to even reach the blockage. To purchase a drain snake that we use is simply not necessary for most homeowners, nor within budget. We have the proper tools for drain cleaning. You don’t have to purchase your own.

Give us a call if you know or even suspect that your drain or pipes may be clogged and leaking. Our leak specialists stand by our drain rooter service and are ready to serve San Antonio residents. We are armed with the knowledge, technology, and tools to get the job done. More information here @ website