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6 03, 2018

San Antonio Plumbing Services – Water Heaters

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Tankless Water Heaters - A No Brainer? If you are looking for a water heater for your home getting a tankless water heater is almost a no brainer. They may be more expensive but they also save between 30% and 50% on your power bills. The difference between the two is also because of the [...]

16 02, 2018

Drainage Tips From your San Antonio Plumbers

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Drainage Tips From your San Antonio Plumbers Drainage Renovation At San Antonio, Texas The third component in a plumbing system is the drainage system, more properly called the DWV or drain-waste-vent system, to describe the functions it performs: draining away wastes and venting gases at the same time. Generally, the system consists of the soil [...]

30 01, 2018

Choosing a Toilet

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Choosing a Toilet Toilet-installation, to many folks, seems like a daunting task with a high "ick" factor! Actually, installing a toilet is quite simple and not "icky" if you take certain initial steps. The first step in toilet installation, obviously, is to take off the old one! First, turn off the water supply at the [...]